Christa, Ohio 

“If only we have the strength and courage to listen, and then - even more difficult - to act upon what our heart tells us. For me, this is where your coaching really hit the nail on the head, and the heart, for me. I don’t know if I would have been able to achieve my goal - and certainly not as quickly - without our conversations. There is something so important about taking the time out for yourself to talk to a "stranger" who is unbiased, and who can ask probing questions about a person, or a situation, or your own life. I would never have gotten to that place on my own. What an amazing and important journey.”

John, Massachuetts

"I was hesitant to make my initial call to you. I was in a rut but wasn't sure I needed a life coach. Your genuine personality came through over the phone, though, and I'm glad I called. For years I looked at life as "Pass or Fail" and neglected to appreciate all the nuances. I look at challenges differently now - I'm able to face them without fearing the worst will happen. Thank you so much for your support!"

Susan, New York City

“I was surprised at how KiKi was able to help me change my perspective. The process wasn’t elaborate and it was much more useful and practical than I expected it would be."

Denise, Kentucky

"I've been coached by KiKi for only a short time and she's already helped me envision the life I want to live - and love! She has me doing things to make that vision a reality.  KiKi is warm but direct, and I feel that I'm in safe, capable hands."